TU Delft May 2018

Organisation 2018:

Dates: Tuesday 08 May, Thursday 17 May, Thursday 22 May, Tuesday 24 May, Thursday 31 May 2018
Time: 13:30 - 17:30
Points: 2
Examination: attendance, exercises and discussions during the course

External participants: please check via the following website the map of our University where you can find the way to our faculty: http://www.citg.tudelft.nl/en/about-faculty/contact-and-map. Our building is marked as no. 23.


The slides for the 2018 course will be updated to the latest developments in High Performance Computing. If the date before the slides shows 2018 then it means that these slides have already been updated for the 2018 course. Older and addtional slides

The slides are one slide per page, the handouts contain 4 slides per page. If you want to print parts of the slides, please use paper with care.


Note: for detailed information about the CPU in your system look at /proc/cpuinfo on your linux system or type: 'dmesg | grep CPU'. On windows there is a utility cpu-z which you can download and use to get information about your CPU.
The exercises are packed in so called 'tar-files', which you can unpack with the command 'tar -xvf exercise.tar'. In the unpacked directory you can find a file called README with detailed instructions how to compile and run the exercise.
Answers to the exercises can be found here when they have been discussed in the course.

Other Usefull information (PDF files) and links:

Cygwin: running Linux in Windows:

If you do not have a Linux/Unix system at hand you can install cygwin on your Windows based computer and still do the exercises. Cygwin can be found on: http://www.cygwin.com For the latest version install the x86_64 version of cygwin. The default packages installed by cygwin do not include the developer package (with compilers to compile the code). During the installation you also have to select the packages: and the GNU compilers/tools will also be installed.
Jan Thorbecke
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